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Founded 20 years ago, Setics, which emerged from a multi-disciplinary French engineering group before becoming an independent consultancy firm in 2009, has played an active role in the evolution of the infrastructure sector in France. The men and women of the Setics Group have contributed their know-how and expertise to some of the most historic projects.

Setics is one of France's leading independent companies, focusing on high-speed broadband infrastructure with consulting, design and project management services for high-speed broadband networks, as well as software for automating the design and monitoring of FTTx networks for worldwide territories.

Setics is also a team of 60 telecom and FTTH network infrastructure experts, with 12 different nationalities and equal numbers of men and women.


  • We provide a portfolio of technical, strategic, financial and legal support services developed to successfully carry out digital development projects
  • We are independent
  • With over 2 decades of experience, we built a trust and a reputation we are proud of
  • We have a strong customer satisfaction thanks to proven reliability
  • We can apply our expertise to digital infrastructure globally

CSR approach

We are looking to improve the sustainability of our portfolio and existing operations by defining a clear sustainability strategy. This means assessing our own greenhouse gas emissions, and our internal rules to ensure that our current policies are in line with our sustainable development plan.


A human-scale company, where parity is represented by our 65 employees from 12 nationalities.

Our teams in Paris and Toulouse are made up of engineers, consultants, ftth project managers, developers and product engineers. All have specialized university or engineering school qualifications.

The R&D center in Cologne, meanwhile, brings together French- and German-speaking staff: engineers, developers, product managers for the design, development and maintenance of Setics STTAR software... Everyone's experience and technical knowledge make this R&D center a place of reflection, exchange and software innovation.

We also have employees in the United States, Morocco, the United Kingdom and Germany, who contribute to the company's international expansion.



We are a member of several associations in France and abroad.

French associations

Digital 113 connects, supports and federates Occitanie's digital players in order to develop the excellence of their companies.
The Cercle de Réflexion et d’Etude pour le Développement de l’Optique of which Richard TOPER is the President.
The ATENA Forum, association structured in themed workshops on digital, business and higher education. Richard TOPER is the President of the High Speed Broadband workshop.
CoTer Numérique
COTER NUMERIQUE is an association which brings together French local and regional authorities, and addresses issues related to digital and information systems.
AN2V is an association founded in 2004 by Dominique LEGRAND in response to the need to pool experience in the field of safety technologies.
InfraNum, the founding federation of the strategic committee for the digital infrastructure sector, which brings together more than 200 manufacturers representing high-speed broadband and intelligent territories.
Télécom SudParis, an engineering school recognized at the highest level of digital sciences and technologies and of which Richard TOPER is a member of the board of directors.

International associations

Organization whose objectives are to accelerate the deployment and availability of HSB access networks through optical fiber for the benefit of individuals and businesses.
INCA is an organization of companies planning, building and operating sustainable wireless and fiber networks in the UK.
BREKO is the leading German fiber optic association. It has over 370 members and represents the majority of all alternative fixed broadband network operators in Germany.
Fiber Broadband is an association whose goal is to accelerate the deployment of fiber networks in the United States and Canada.

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